About Us

Our Mission, Our Goal, Our Purpose



Our mission is to support and promote female professionals primarily in the underrepresented field of Aerospace Engineering and secondarily in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. In addition, the club aims to provide a sense of solidarity to the underrepresented female population of the field.

The idea for the club initiation stemmed from the fact that women in Aerospace Engineering represent only the 7% of the professionals in the field.  Furthermore, the field is very heavy on mathematics and intrinsically associated with mechanical engineering concepts which may not innately seem appealing to the female students.  Lack of education, excitement and information about the particular STEM fields in K-12 as well as a non-existing support group of young professionals in post baccalaureate years are some of the identified and target reasons by Girls Connect owing to the low participation of women in these fields.



Girls Connect aims to earn a reputation as a strong network of driven individuals who consolidate their knowledge and capabilities in order to improve the engineering student’s experience for each other as well as advocate for the field to the interested and the aspiring. Girls Connect aims to form a network of members who understand the challenges of aerospace engineering female professionals, as well as those in the mechanical engineering and mathematics, and promote them to successful careers via mentoring and networking. The club holds promise of growth in both size and achievements.

Our members can be from any filed STEM or non-STEM that share the same ideals and goals with Girls Connect.  As an example, we have members from computer science, business, public policy and communications who help promote the club.